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Y Blog: What does 'community' mean to you?

February 4, 2016

by Loren Lachapelle, Marketing Coordinator

When you hear the word 'community,' what does it mean to you? Do you think of things that enable people to learn and be better every day? Do you associate it with leisure groups you're a part of? Maybe you even think of the sense of connectedness between people, businesses, and organizations in your town. 

No matter what you think of, it is important to remember that, when we work together, communities can strive. When a community is connected on all levels, we find 'home' and a deep sense of security and acceptance.

Community is exactly the reason why the Y - a national nonprofit organization that has been around for 160 years (with the YMCA of Auburn-Lewiston operating for almost 150 of those years) - has begun to roll out its first national advertising campaign

In an effort to showcase its charitable mission and build community bonds all around the country, the Y has created two commercials: "Places" and "Idle Hands." Both pieces highlight social issues that have become all too familiar -- poverty, displaced youth, and communities in decay. But, as the ads state, "Where communities fall short, the Y steps in."

Here at the YMCA of Auburn-Lewiston, it is our goal to promote social change so people of all ages can learn and grow into the best versions of themselves; so that whole communities can feel the positive side effects of the changes taking place. At the Y, we care about the well-being of everyone and aim to strengthen lives, friendships, and communities.  

We encourage you to watch these inspirational commercials, and ask yourself, "What does community mean to me?" Share your thoughts in the comments below.





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