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Water Safety in our Community

July 12, 2018

Water Safety in our Community

The world is 71% water.
Children are 100% curious. 

The YMCA of Auburn-Lewiston and the YWCA of Central Maine want to help you have fun, feel confident, and be safe this summer. We offer a variety of courses to help your family learn basic water safety, water rescue, CPR & First-aid, and other helpful skills. 

Click to learn more about the YWCA's swim lessons and aquatics programs and the YMCA's Twin Cities Swim Team. Please call 207-795-4095 if you are interested in CPR and First-aid courses. 

12 tips for water safety   

1.    Make sure all family members know what to do in a water emergency.

2.    Ensure that at least one adult will have no other responsibilities but to supervise children playing in, on, or around water.

3.    Maine law says that anyone 10 years and younger must wear a US coast Guard approved life jacket on a boat, but it is a recommendation for everyone.

4.    Supervise children around hot tubs, birdbaths, bathtubs, toilets, and buckets of water.  All may entice children to climb into them and experience a potential water emergency.

5.    Seek out swim lessons for beginner swimmers, children, and adults.

6.    Choose public pools and beaches that are well guarded.

7.     Make sure swimmers do not get too cold or too tired.

8.     Do not mix alcohol with swimming or boating. It can effect an individual's balance and coordination, entice them to take risks, and can make them more likely to become cold and tired.

9.     Never swim alone.

10.   Enter water feet first until you are sure of the depth of the water and that the bottom is free of glass, rocks, tree branches, or other objects.

11    Keep a phone nearby for emergency use.

12    Learn CPR and First Aid.

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