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Murphy receives Praesidium certification

November 3, 2016

Following a rigorous certification process, Mary Murphy of the YMCA of Auburn-Lewiston has received her Praesidium Guardian Certification in child abuse risk management.

Murphy, who most recently served as Chief Operating Officer, was promoted to Chief Human Resources & Risk Management Officer, allowing her to focus full time on staff and volunteer onboarding, and organizational best practice regarding all safety and liability concerns.

"We serve hundreds of local children every day, and we have an obligation to keep every one of them safe.”

Praesidium is a YMCA of the USA partner and nationally recognized leader in creating safe environments for kids. The Praesidium certification process for each YMCA is comprehensive, consisting of the Praesidium Know Your Score Assessment to identify potential gaps in abuse risk management practices, eight to 10 hours of pre-work, three days of in-person training and a Work and Learn Assignment. The entire process took five months to complete.

Steven Wallace, the Y’s CEO, states, “We can never be too safe. As an organization, we already have the State of Maine’s highest quality rating and are nationally certified. That isn’t enough for us. We want to ensure everything we do is best practice.

“In her new role, Mary will expand staff and volunteer onboarding, promote the Y’s zero tolerance approach to child abuse and implement new abuse prevention policies to ensure the Y is safe place for all children, regardless of age or background.”

Murphy is currently working with Y-USA staff and other YMCA’s across the country on a strategic plan that will help to develop and strengthen the Y’s culture around child abuse prevention nationwide. 

All YMCA staff and volunteers are screened carefully at the time of hire and trained in Child Abuse Prevention and Appropriate Touch. In addition, all YMCA members are screened against the National Sex Offender Public Registry to help ensure no one can access the Y facility with the intention of abusing a child.

Murphy says, “My overall goal for our organization is to protect every child in our care from sexual abuse. We serve hundreds of local children every day, and we have an obligation to keep every one of them safe.”

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