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Notice: Due to a recent flooding incident, all services and programs at the Y’s 62 Turner Street location are suspended until noon on Mon, Nov. 27th. This includes all child care, before & after school, fitness center, group exercise classes, and youth programs.

Youth Strength & Foundations

Youth fit classFor teens ages 12 to 15

Perfect for young athletes and first-time exercisers, Youth Strength & Foundations teaches teens basic physiology and conditioning to help them get the most out of their training and achieve their goals. Youth Fit Class combines workout time with classroom instruction. 

My son absolutely loved this program. Even though he typically enjoys sleeping in during the summer, this class was so much fun for him he didn't mind getting up early to go.
He learned not only about which exercises and pieces of equipment worked which muscle, he also learned how to do them properly. It was a great way for him to begin to condition for the upcoming football season. Thank you so much for offering a great program run by an engaging and dynamic teacher. -- Lisa, Auburn

This is a new program at the YMCA of Auburn-Lewiston. For more information, contact Mike Muise at mmuise@alymca.org.

Learn more about instructor Mike Muise on our personal training page.