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Diabetes Prevention Program

Diabetes prevention programWorking with local health care providers, the YMCA is proud to offer the Diabetes Prevention Program, a nationally recognized program from the Centers for Disease Control.

Participants must be pre-diabetic and overweight/obese. In this year-long program, participants will reduce their risk of developing diabetes by

  1. losing 7% of body weight through healthy eating,
  2. increasing physical activity to 150 minutes per week, and
  3. learning to recognize and overcome barriers to healthy eating and physical activity.

Each class is divided into two phases: the Core Sessions and Post-Core Sessions. All participation is voluntary and free of charge.

Core Sessions:

  • 16 weeks in duration
  • Weekly meetings with coach(es)
  • 30–60-minute healthy movement class each week

Post-Core Sessions:

  • 8 months in duration
  • Monthly meetings with coach(es)
  • Flexible content, topics tailored to needs of participants
  • Participants transition from frequent, intensive meetings to maintaining their changes independently

This program is currently offered free of charge to qualifying participants. For more information, call the Welcome Center at 207-795-4095.