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Outdoor Learning & Education Center

Have you ever seen the look on a child’s face when they hold a bullfrog for the first time? It’s a kaleidoscope of emotions: trepidation, curiosity, wonder, joy. It is a powerful reminder of the emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits that come from interacting with nature.

The YMCA’s Outdoor Education & Learning Center is bringing those benefits to children and adults of all ages in the greater Androscoggin County area. Located on 93 wooded acres along Stetson and River roads in Auburn, the OELC is
a multi-purpose outdoor center tailored for kids and families.


All YMCA campers take weekly field trips to the OELC, where they participate in
   • guided hikes
   • archery
   • science and nature labs by the brook and
   • ropes course and ninja-warrior challenges

The OELC is sure to be one of the highlights of your child’s week!


Learn more about community support for the OELC: