62 Turner Street: (Mon-Fri) 4:30a-9p; (Sat-Sun) 7a-2p
The Y at CMMC: (Mon-Wed) 5a-8p; (Thur-Fri) 5a-7p; (Sat-Sun) 7a-Noon

Progressive Swim Lessons

Registration for Session (6) Youth Swim lessons opens June 5.
Session (6) begins the week of June 19.

Swim LessonsAdult Swim Lessons are offered Monday and Wednesday evenings 6:00-7:00pm during the month of April.  Cost is $75 members and $90 nonmembers. This is a class for those who have never learned to swim and for those who would like to improve their strokes. Ages 15-99. Call Aquatics Dir. Linda Pepitone for more information:795-4095

Help kids be safe around water. Y swim lessons build water skills at all levels with the goal to teach children confidence and the importance of being safe in and around the water. Our program uses a guided-discovery, problem-solving teaching approach in a positive, caring, and supportive environment for children ages 6 months through 12 years.

Wonderful swim lesson program! Having taught swimming and run pools for 10 years, I'm very picky about who I'll trust with my two-year-old around the water and they put me right at ease, putting precautions in place where necessary for his age, but also truly teaching him to swim at a young age! -- Kellie B., swim parent

Swim Lessons Rates

  7-Week Session 8-Week Session Adult Lessons
Members $40 $45 $75
Non-Members $62 $70 $90

Thunder & Lightning Policy

Refund policy

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Parent & Baby (6 mo. – 2 yrs.)

This is a 30-minute structured class designed to introduce infants and toddlers to the water. A parent is required to participate in the class with the child. We learn paddles and kicks and have fun playing ball. One parent per child in pool.

Monday 9-9:30am
Tuesday 4:30-5pm; 

Level 1 (2 yrs. – 5 yrs. and up)

These young swimmers are very beginners in the pool. Placement in this class requires child to independently hold onto the wall and keep his or her head out of the water. We swim the width of the pool with assistance and have fun with kickboards and noodles.

Monday 9:30-10am (Beginners); 10-10:30am 
Tuesday 5-5:30pm; New class opening 6:00p-6:30p

Level 2 (2 yrs. - 5 yrs. and up)

These young swimmers have completed Level 1 requirements and are swimming the width of the pool on their fronts and backs without assistance. We can float on our fronts and backs and like to jump into the pool. We also like to retrieve colored rings underwater.

Tuesday  5:30-6pm; New class opening 6:30-7pm 

Level 3

Swimmers have passed through Level 2 and are ready to begin swimming the length of pool on their front and backs. They work on learning to glide and perform a dive.

Wednesday 10:30-11:00am

Level 4 

At this level, strokes are being introduced and rhythmic breathing is worked on. Swimmers begin to tread water and swim underwater.

Returns in September

Level 5 

Strokes are developed, improved and refined. Swimmers swim 4 consecutive laps to warm up. They do a well-performed dive and begin to dive off the block. Breaststroke and sidestroke, and dolphin kicks are introduced and learned. 45 Minute lessons.

Returns in September

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For more information, contact Linda Pepitone, Aquatics Director, at lpepitone@alymca.org or 207-795-4095.