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Notice: Due to a recent flooding incident, all services and programs at the Y’s 62 Turner Street location are suspended until noon on Mon, Nov. 27th. This includes all child care, before & after school, fitness center, group exercise classes, and youth programs.

Personal Training

Personal training is a great way to tailor your workouts and stay motivated. Our nationally certified personal trainers work one-on-one with you or in small groups, leading you through workouts that evolve with your skill level.


Body Measurement

Tanita Body Composition    $10 per visit
Fit3D Full Body Scan          $10 per visit

Use data to enhance your personal training! Our Tanita and Fit3D technology give you valuable insight into your body composition and inches, allowing you to go beyond the scale in measuring the success of your health and fitness efforts.

Receive a FREE Tanita Body Composition reading with the purchase of a personal training package!

Training sessions are one hour. Adult and youth rates available. 

Personal Training

Rates (Ages 18+)

  Individual Duo* Trio*
One Session $40/$55 $25/$40 $20/$35
Five Sessions + Fit Test $150/$165 $90/$105 $65/$80

Youth Rates (Ages 14-18)

  Individual Duo*
One Session $30/$45 $20/$30
Five Sessions + Fit Test $125/$140 $70/$85

* Prices are per participant
** Member and non-member rates apply

Meet the Trainers

Nicole Oberlander

Nicole has been a strength and conditioning coach and cancer exercise specialist at the Y for six years and been employed as a fitness instructor for over 20 years. Her love of working out started over 30 years ago, when she discovered how empowering it could be. It wasn’t long before she decided to put her passion to good use helping others enjoy the benefits of exercise. Nicole’s certifications include YMCA Strength and Condition, Cancer Exercise Specialist, and Silver Sneakers (Active Older Adults). With this diverse training background, she is able to give people the tools they need to reach their fitness goals, whether they want to lose weight, tone up, get strong, or tackle a new physical challenge.

Mike Muise

Mike comes to us with a National Academy of Sports Medicine certification in personal training with focuses in fitness, nutrition, and sport and performance enhancement. He is a former collegiate athlete at Salve Regina University. He works with all age groups and fitness levels to help you reach your fitness goals. Mike likes to use a diverse training style incorporating all types of exercise including weightlifting, cardio, yoga, interval  training and CrossFit. He will tailor your program to suite your lifestyle needs or training preferences. Whether your goals are to lose weight, tone muscle, prepare for a sporting event, improve work performance, increase energy levels, or just simply get healthy, Mike is your guy.

For more information, please email Nicole Oberlander or call at 207-795-4095.